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I don't want to be alarmed about the new LJ Terms of Service, I really don't.  But a couple of those on my friends-list have pointed out, quite correctly, that the new language includes an unusually broad and egregious rights grab:

If User participates in any rankings or if User’s Content is used in any editorial projects of the Service, User provides to the Administration an additional authorisation to modify, shorten and amend his/her Content, to add images, a preamble, comments or any clarifications to his/her Content while using it, and in certain cases based on the Service functions, an authorisation to use User’s Content anonymously.

This is not, by itself, enough to make me fold my LJ entirely.  However, it's going to change my posting habits.

I'll still be reading on both DW and LJ, and I will still crosspost short off-the-cuff thoughts and comments.  However, new "Tales of Darkest Suburbia" entries, detailed reviews or commentaries, and any and all fictional content will not be crossposted to LJ.  Those will appear on the Dreamwidth journal and/or my "Lone Penman" Webspace.

I dislike doing this (not least because I honestly doubt that the Russian readership, if any, is much interested in my particular work), but I retain enough writerly paranoia that I think it's prudent.  Again, I am not actually leaving LJ as yet -- but as of today, my LiveJournal is a secondary Web presence, and there will be content elsewhere that does not get reposted to LJ.

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Actually, two or three makeovers, but we'll get to that in a moment:

The least significant in absolute terms (but the one with the most immediate visible impact) is the quick cosmetic makeover I've done on my Dreamwidth journal style in the wake of recent migrations.  I'm reasonably pleased with the new look, though if something is acting peculiar as you read this on the DW side, do let me know.

The weather has also been somewhat more than usually exciting, as my more local readers are already aware; Portland has had two impressive-for-us snowstorms already this winter and the forecasters are hinting darkly at another flurry on the horizon -- which may or may not arrive just in time to strand my monthly SFnal book group in the Beaverton branch of Powell's overnight.

Then there's the bigger news: after 25 (gasp!) years in my present apartment, I am actually preparing to move to a different part of Darkest Suburbia.  A combination of factors -- a change of workplace (same job, different location), a concurrent move on my mother's part, the state of the Portland rental and housing markets, and some other familial considerations -- means that I'm about to shift status from Apartment Dweller to Condominium Resident.  This has the inevitable pluses and minuses: in absolute terms, I'll sacrifice a little bit of square footage, and the new place is a second floor unit (more stairs).  But I'll have a much larger kitchen space, the new neighborhood should be more bicycle-friendly, there's a high-grade movie theater in (longish) walking distance, and I won't need to change buses to get to the aforementioned Beaverton Powell's.

Now I just have to pack 25 years' worth of books.  And declutter.  And try to sell off a comic book collection, and etc., etc....

If I'm a little scarce online for the next few weeks, that's why.

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Yes, I'm still alive (and I will try to post more actual news soon, given that there is some, but you would not believe how busy things are here just now):

This journal has for quite awhile now been duplicated on DW and on LJ -- partly because I like having backups, and partly in the wake of one or the other the-sky-is-falling memes.  We have another one of those circulating this week, with news that LJ's servers are now based in the opposite hemisphere from Darkest Suburbia (specifically, in Mother Russia).  This is apparently viewed as a Harbinger of Doom and a sign of the End Times.

We shall see; in any event, what I'm here to tell you is that while I continue to do most of the heavy lifting on the DreamWidth side, I have no intention of departing LiveJournal until the last light goes out and the last bit of tinsel is vacuumed up.  (Those in the gallery who remember GEnie will recall that I was there till the very end of that party, too.)  As a practical matter, my friends-list on LJ is much larger than the one for this account on DW (I do read both regularly), and I honestly don't think it likely that anything I've posted here is sufficiently controversial to draw the attention of any Minions of Evil that may be reading this over in that other hemisphere.  And even if it is, I've got the DW import of this journal, so there's no question of actual content being lost for good.

OTOH, if anyone wants to set up housekeeping on the DW side Just In Case, then let me know if you do so that I can add you to the reading page Over There.  (Or if you are already there under some other name, which I know does happen, tell me that too.)

We now return you to your regularly scheduled winter morning....

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The domain has been registered for something over a year now, but I have finally gotten the furniture sufficiently arranged to declare it Open For Business.

My old SFF Net Web page has not yet gone anywhere, and will likely hang on for a little while yet (I need to transplant more of the filk lyrics before I turn out the lights), but I have now set up housekeeping as (at?) The Lone Penman, with a new WordPress-driven site.  My last couple of LJ/DW posts are mirrored over there, and -- more importantly -- I've made a tiny beginning at the long-term project of archiving my entire book review file onto the Web. 

Again, this does NOT mean that this/these journals are going away; the great majority of my new posts will likely go up in all three places.  But there will likely be odds and ends that show up here and not there, or there and not here, and I will very probably keep better track of the ongoing review and lyric archiving at Lone Penman than I will on DW/LJ.

In any case, everyone's invited to wander Over There, gawk at the shiny parts, kick the tires, and point out the inevitable bugs.  There may even be a virtual housewarming if I can find the SFX generator (or the pocket dimension it was left in three or four cyberspaces back....)

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I've just this evening created a mirror-journal on Dreamwidth (and backed up my LJ content to the DW journal).  If you're reading this and are on DW, let me know your journal ID Over There so that I can build a reading page on that side of the fence.  This applies whether or not you're on my current LJ friends-list.

Let me assure the gallery: I am not leaving LJ, nor do I have any present plans to do so.  That said, what I'm hearing about the latest friends-page redesign makes me think that it's time to implement a backup strategy, just in case.  New entries will be posted in both places (since DW is set up to easily auto-crosspost here). 

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This is a test -- no, really.

I've survived a lot of LiveJournal kerfuffles, but the latest thing with friends-page redesign seems as if it may actually be baroque enough to break the user base over there once and for all. Thus it's time to create a reserve journal Over Here in case of LJ-implosion. (That said, I'm not ready to exit LJ yet, so at least for now you'll find me both here and there.)
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Over the last couple of days I've been following a virtual brush fire arising from a statement in the most recent post in LJ News -- to the extent of wading into the comment-stream in the original News post, and following the virtual bread crumbs from there into a couple of other journals.  Now the brush fire has been put out.  In the interests of signal boost, I'm reposting (by permission) the clearest statement of what is -- and isn't happening that I've seen anywhere on LJ.  Note also that, per a thread in the comments to [ profile] soph 's original post (as linked and reposted below) even if an inactive account is purged under the described schema, comments and posts elsewhere made from that account should not, repeat not, be deleted from the journals and/or communities in which they appear.

Originally posted by [ profile] soph at Regarding the recent news on user purging

If you've seen the recent LJ news post, please be aware that it was written from the wrong spec. While I ([ profile] soph, the original author of this post), am not staff, this has been confirmed officially by staff and the news post has been rewritten accordingly.

Only accounts that have no entries, or have only the initial welcome entry, will be purged.

A new [ profile] news post is not being made because of the issue with News posts and notifications; the backend would likely crash if two News posts were made so close to each other.

Please repost this! There is a 'Repost this' button at the bottom of this entry.

More details, including the full specification )

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After a considerable amount of tinkering and reworking, my Web page update is live.  This reflects a major site redesign; the prior iteration of the site had been created in Front Page, and updating it had become . . . complicated on the new computer.  This version was built with MS Expressions Web, and is CSS-driven, so is hopefully a lot cleaner where code is concerned.

Almost all of what was there is still there, although in a couple of cases it's moved, and a couple of pages have been renamed.  To the extent that I'm aware of external links to my pages, most of those should still work.  There are also completely new subsections devoted to my published and forthcoming stories.  One further side effect of the redesign is that there are now counters on all the subpages ("You are visitor number 4!").

I invite all and sundry to go over, look around, and let me know what works and doesn't work.

Now I just have a novelette to finish editing, two book reviews to work on, critiques to do for my writers' group, and a SFWA-committee project to complete.  Not to mention various other writing projects....
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Purely a test post to see whether the image I just added to my last free-free-free userpic slot actually looks reasonable in display. [I took the original picture in the park across the street from the Kid Brother's place in Sunny Southern California this past Thanksgiving....]
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Whoa; I've been on hiatus for longer than I thought.

There may be a small flurry of posts over the next short while, as I gather thoughts on various subjects that have arisen since I was last here, but I'll save specifics till I get there.

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