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Next week is going to be insanely busy, largely -- but not entirely -- because we're only a couple of weeks away from the release of my first ebook, "Charmed, I'm Sure", by Uncial Press, and it's time to get my act together and promote the story.  Herewith where you'll be able to find me:

Tuesday evening, Nov. 13 (7:00 pm) is the monthly Science Fiction Book Group at Powell's Books @ Cedar Hills Crossing (read "Beaverton"), which I co-moderate with [ profile] martianmooncrab; our book for the month is Young Miles by Lois McMaster Bujold.  Discussions are informal, newcomers are always welcome, there are generally cookies of some sort, and Peter-in-charge-of-the-SF-section often has surplus advance proofs available for interested participants.

On Wednesday, Nov. 14 at 7 pm, I'll be part of a fourteen-author signing event, also at Powell's Books @ Cedar Hills Crossing.  In addition to talking up the upcoming ebook release, I'm told that there should be copies of Fantastic Companions and Swashbuckling Editor Stories on hand, and I understand that there may be a drawing or two during the evening.  Among those slated to appear are [ profile] davidlevine, [ profile] lilithsaintcrow, [ profile] ramblin_phyl, and [ profile] jaylake [business travel again, darnit!], as well as a number of non-LJ-enabled folk.

I will also be at OryCon on Nov. 16-18, participating in panels and generally hanging out.  My schedule so far looks like this:

Friday - 1:00 pm (Eugene): With Harry Potter done, how do we keep the kids reading?
Friday - 2:30 pm (Salem): Reading: "Charmed, I'm Sure"

Saturday - 1:00 pm (Portland): The Romance of Piracy: how did they transmute ruthless murderers into Johnny Depp?
Saturday - 3:00 pm (Salon A): Life After Harry Potter

Sunday - 12:00 noon (Portland): Writing for Young Adults and Bringing In The New

If you see me, remind me to breathe....

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And so another OryCon passes into legend.

From my perspective, things went very well indeed. Got to read a chunk of "Dances With Coyotes". which appeared to have moved several copies of Fantastic Companions (thank you, Lady Jayne!). Did a number of other panels -- more than usual, thanks to all the writers off at WFC; two that went particularly well, I thought, were a small group session on flash fiction (in cooperation with the perennially erudite [ profile] snarke) and a panel on the hows and whys of critiquing.

The souvenir book and pocket program, both DTPed by yours truly, seemed to be well-received; there were a couple of scattered reports of pocket programs with duplicated signatures, but I never actually saw one, and so the glitch seems to have been isolated.

Then there was filk programming; I suspect I'm going to miss some credits here -- I think there are more Oryfilkers on LJ than I'm immediately aware of -- so bear with me. As music GoH, [ profile] filkertom was a showstopper (well, actually, a showstarter, but you know what I mean) and in any case a great hit -- if I hadn't already been convinced I'm going to need to acquire the second "24-Hour Project" album, the couple of numbers from it at the Smith-concert convinced me all over again. Also particularly memorable were [ profile] cflute (correctly observing that it takes four or five people to even attempt to replace a Cat [aka [ profile] catsittingstill), [ profile] vixyish (darnit, I still say Mal's Song should have won its category, especially now that I've actually heard it live -- and yes, I'll send along the Peabody filks), and [ profile] tfabris, who had somehow previously sneaked in under my radar but is clearly too talented not to lure back. I did, in fact, write a minor filk during the Friday night circle, and -- with due blame credit to [ profile] cadhla for the inspiration -- debuted a lyric recently insta-ed in her LJ in one of the circles.

Then, after all was over, I came home and slept a lot....
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Busy busy busy....

Leaving in a few minutes for OryCon, where I am actually pretty heavily scheduled this year (no doubt due to WFC drawing off a lot of potential guests). You can find me on:

Friday 2 pm -- Introduction to Filk (Eugene)
Friday 6 pm -- Reading, "Dances With Coyotes" (Salon C)

Saturday 10 am -- Flash Fiction (Salon F/T1)
Saturday noon -- Writing for YA & Bringing in New Readers (Portland)
Saturday 1 pm -- Electronic Fanzines & Other Time Sinks (Salon F/T3)

Sunday 11 am -- Critiquing Writing: Why & How (Salon B)

And of course at open filking....

Fortunately, so far people seem pleased with the Souvenir Book and Pocket Program, my major contributions as part of the concom this year.

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