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OryCon begins tomorrow (where did the time go?), and I have an unusually busy schedule for the weekend.  (Three panels as moderator?  What was I thinking?  What were they thinking?  Don’t answer that….)  Here’s where you’ll find me:

Friday, 4 pm • Oregon • Funny Filk
*Andrew Ross, John C. Bunnell, Cecilia Eng, John R. Gray III, Frank Hayes

Sharing the songs that tickle your funny bone.

Saturday, 11 am • Idaho • Hold Onto Your Reader
*Shawna Reppert, John C. Bunnell, Diana Francis, Frog Jones

The wrong word choices can throw your reader right out of the story. Learn how to maintain suspension of disbelief.

Saturday, 1 pm • Hamilton • Back Story: Too Much, Too Little, Just Right
*John C. Bunnell, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Matthew Hughes, G. David Nordley, Erica L. Satifka

What to use, what to lose. Writing the details without having to explain every last one.

Saturday, 4 pm • Roosevelt • Improv Writing
*John C. Bunnell, Susan R. Matthews, Todd McCaffrey

Everyone starts the first couple lines of a story and then passes the pad clockwise. We`ll continue each other`s stories for about a page and then read them out loud to each other. Not specifically for writers, any and everyone welcome.

Saturday, 5:30 pm • Grant • Reading
John C. Bunnell

Sunday, 12 noon • Madison • Synopses, Summaries, Book Descriptions and Other Horrors
*John C. Bunnell, Jason Gurley, Matthew Hughes, Bill Johnson, MeiLin Miranda

Few things exasperate writers more than condensing their masterworks into a single page synopsis–or worse, a 150 word book description!  What to include, what to exclude, and strategies to keep it fresh and reveal your voice without sounding unprofessional.

Sunday, 1 pm • Idaho • Structurally Speaking
* Dale Ivan Smith, John C. Bunnell, Matthew Hughes, Bill Johnson, Mary Rosenblum

Stories have rhythm. Is there One True Pattern, or can we mess with it? Are we really bound to the Hero’s Journey, or are there other models?

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It is, of course, the last possible moment -- but I will in fact be at OryCon this very weekend here in Portland, and my panel schedule is as follows.  (Yes, on both days I have back-to-back panels, and yes, in both cases they're scheduled in rooms at opposite ends of the hotel.  Fortunately, in both cases I am also the moderator of the first panel in the set, so I can invoke the Dark Powers Of Moderation to wrap things up in a timely fashion.  In at least one case, this may involve the use of stopwatch alarms....)

Friday, 11/8

Synopses, Summaries, Book Descriptions and Other Horrors
Madison • 3:00pm-4:00pm
Few things exasperate writers more than condensing their masterworks into a single page synopsis--or worse, a 150 word book description! What to include, what to exclude, and strategies to keep it fresh and reveal your voice without sounding unprofessional.
(*)John C. Bunnell, Mary Rosenblum/Mary Freeman, Sheila Finch, Linn Prentiss

Books to movies, to comics, to movies, to books
Hawthorne • 4:00pm-5:00pm
Modes of presentation and limitations therein.
(*)Rob Wynne, John C. Bunnell, Claude Lalumiére, Viktor Maddok

Saturday, 11/9

Fantasy and Science Fiction Literature turned into good movies
Hawthorne • 10:00am-11:00am
F/SF turned into movies.  What has worked and what should have been left on the bookshelf?  What would translate really well into a blockbuster hit and why?
(*)John C. Bunnell, Steven Hoffart, Vincent P. Vaughn, Sandra Jean King, Jean Lamb

Will Pad Devices replace Desktops and Laptops?
Alaska • 11:00am-12:00pm
Not a religious debate.
(*)Mark Niemann-Ross, Jean Lamb, John C. Bunnell, L. Pierce Ludke, Ben Yalow

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For anyone who cares to find me, my OryCon schedule for this coming weekend:

Friday • 3 pm / Morrison
Three Thumbs Up
*John C. Bunnell, Aaron Duran, Craig Laurance Gidney
A field guide to the craft of book & film reviewing -- and to navigating the jungle of review outlets available in today's print and Web worlds).

Saturday • 2 pm / Roosevelt
We Will Call This Story..."This Story"
*Todd McCaffrey, John C. Bunnell, Linn Prentis, Nisi Shawl, K. C. Ball
Can you tell a story's content from its title?  Are there good books with bad titles (and vice versa)?  And how much should marketing considerations influence a choice of titles?

Saturday • 3 pm / Lincoln
The Unique Challenges of Urban Fantasy
*John C. Bunnell, A. M. Dellamonica, Craig Laurance Gidney, Dale Ivan Smith
Whether it's wizards in Walla Walla or vampires in Vancouver, how does one effectively blend classic fantasy elements with modern settings and characters?  Alternately, what about examples of how not to mix magic with pop culture?

Sunday • 2 pm / Oregon
New Song Contest
John C. Bunnell, Bob Kanefsky
From what I'm told, we'll be judging entries as composed and submitted by interested attendees. 

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