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I've seen a good deal of reaction over the last couple of days to Amazon's announcement of its "Kindle Worlds" program in which it aims to solicit and publish licensed (!) fanfiction set in a handful of franchise universes.  Both the fanfic world and certain corners of the professional writing community are rising up in mutual astonishment, mostly to point out the holes in Amazon's logic.

At the same time, both the fans and the pros seem cautiously convinced that the program is actually going to work -- that is, that people are actually going to make money on the deal.

I'm not.  I think the odds are against anyone -- writer, licensor, Amazon -- turning a significant profit on the venture.  Let me explain.... )

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So, a few weeks ago John Scalzi announced a contest to explain how he and Wil Wheaton got themselves into a Very Strange Situation.

I looked at the picture.  An idea formed.

I couldn't resist the opportunity; I entered the contest.  Now ordinarily, one wouldn't post a contest entry till after the contest is over, but this is a special case.  So you can read What's Opera Season, over on my Web site...and then wander back over here and tell me just how warped my mind is.  And in a month or so, we'll see how warped John S's Jury of Awesomeness thinks my mind is.

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-- Kris Kringle (to the Winter Warlock)
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