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As others are posting with memories and reflections on the events of five years ago, it seems appropriate to link to the following song, which I hadn't originally planned to write (and which is in some measure a response to a lot of the other first-wave 9/11 reactions).

You Can't Give Up the Sky

And here, too, are another set of lyrics, these by Randy Sparks, to another song I still find particularly memorable and apt five years later (scroll down to the bottom of the thread).  I first encountered this on a PBS folk music special several years ago:

Just Americans
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A fascinating and largely unexpected evening Saturday night at the theater; thanks to [ profile] davidlevine having unexpectedly had two surplus tickets, my mother and I had the chance to see the second-night performance of The Ghosts of Celilo.  This is a brand new stage musical (though there's ten years of work on the part of its creators behind it) based on local history, specifically events leading up to the inundation of what was previously Celilo Falls, a key Indian salmon fishing site in the western part of the Columbia River Gorge.

It's a complicated subject and a fascinating show.... )

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A few of the folks in the gallery have known me long enough to recall that my musical preferences are generally describable as . . . obscure, running strongly toward '50s/'60s folk, show tunes, Muppets, and certain old-school corners of country, with a few nods toward the pop end of rock & roll.  [And of course there's filk, out of the SF/F community, but that's largely covered under the folk umbrella.]

Boy, are they about to be surprised....

See, I got a shiny new CD in the mail Friday.  Stars Fall Home is the second album from Seanan McGuire, aka [ profile] cadhla -- and it is very, very cool indeed.  It is also about three orders of magnitude more straight-ahead alternative sound than [ profile] twilight2000 (who probably has the best idea of my usual tastes of anyone here) would have expected me to pre-order in a hundred years.

It's a little tricky to pin down just exactly what Seanan's musical niche is.... )

Those who've followed my book-reviewing career will know that I don't often apply unreserved superlatives.  I am going to apply one now: Seanan McGuire is the single most amazingly skilled songwriter I have ever encountered, and a first-rate singer into the bargain.  If you are even remotely a fan of folk, folk-rock, or good female singers in general, then you want Stars Fall Home, available here while supplies last.  If you know a radio DJ whose playlist isn't corporate-controlled, that DJ needs a copy.  Forget American Idol, ignore America's Got Talent, don't bother with Rock Star: [insert group here].  This is as good as it gets.

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[ profile] cadhla points out that today is the 17th anniversary of a historic incident on a fictional island off the coast of Costa Rica, wherein a gentleman named Hammond -- not the one from Stargate SG-1 -- managed to lose a lot of his guests to a horde of ravening velociraptors (among other things).  In the comment thread, [ profile] pope_guilty asks the musical question, "How did Hammond go from a scheming, investor-defrauding bastard in the book to Walt Disney in the movie?"

It occurs to me that I sort of formulated the musical answer a number of years back.... )

djonn: Self-portrait (Default) comment here on one of my most satisfying entertainment purchases for the summer.  No, not the movie tickets to Superman Returns or Dead Man's Chest (the first was Weird; the second was swashbuckling).

No, not the theater tickets either (there having been no forgetting involved).

No, this almost-too-late consumer alert is intended to make you run right out to your local Internet and acquire your minimum annual nutritional requirement of zombies, ghosts, wood-sprites, and other relentlessly introspective natural, unnatural, and supernatural creatures.  You need a copy of Seanan McGuire's  Pretty Little Dead Girl, and you need it now (before she closes out the online order form).

Full review under the cut.... )

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