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Avast and heave to, ye lads and lasses -- 'tis Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Ah, but that 'ain't all; 'tis the natal day of the Dread Pirate [ profile] coreolis.

[insert roar of cannons here]

Aye, and it also be the natal day, says a swab by the name o' [ profile] filkertom, o' a saucy wizard-lass called Hermione Granger.  And that swab bein' a crazy fast hand wi' a quill (an' a keyboard, an' a MIDI setup), thar be a birthday chanty for Miz Granger that ye really oughta give a listen to here.

Arr, this talkin' like a pirate be wearin'....

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Portland, for those not in the area, has a large river running right through downtown.  And even as I type, the noon news reports that we have pirate ships sailing upriver, preparing to fire cannon (at 2pm PDT or thereabouts) and send troops of pirates scurrying through the streets hunting for booty.

(One of the ships is the Lady Washington, last seen by many in the first Pirates of the Caribbean film; the other is apparently called the Hawaii Chieftain.  This is part of the local Rose Festival summer festival....)

Have You Heard This?

"Changing from bad to good's as easy as...taking your first step!"

-- Kris Kringle (to the Winter Warlock)
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