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Le sigh.

As most of the immediate universe is probably aware, Portland (Oregon) is presently the recipient of what are -- for us -- absurd amounts of snow. (I finally ventured out this evening with a ruler; depending on my choice of spot, I got measurements of 4" to 8" of fine crystalline snow, all accumulated today -- and it's still coming.)

What this means, of course, is that my usual choice of local TV station has been broadcasting nothing but weather coverage since oh-dark-thirty or so this morning, telling us as often and as repetitively as possible that (a) it is snowing outside, (b) the weather is going to be nearly as difficult tomorrow and into Monday, and (c) unless we're absolutely crazy, we should all stay home and watch the TV weather coverage instead of trying to drive anywhere.

Of course, this being the Internet age, they're getting email from folks who want their regular programming back, because they already know that it's snowing, it's going to keep on being snowy, and their TV anchors are obsessed with this information. In the interests of fair play, they're reading these emails on the air -- and explaining, oh so earnestly, that they simply must keep up the weather coverage because it's a Valuable Public Service, and it's terribly important that they give us all of the vital weather information they can....

....and then following this explanation with fifteen minutes of user-submitted Youtube-style faux news video in which local residents report from various parts of the metro area that it's snowing, it's still snowing, it's cold, and they are thrilled that the TV station is giving them their fifteen seconds of fame.

I think my cognitive-dissonance meter just exploded....

(And for this we're getting digital TV so the local stations can broadcast unceasing weather coverage on two or three channels at once?)

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