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As threatened elsewhere -- and because I am, I admit, a Teen Sleuth Junkieā„¢ -- I caught a showing of Nancy Drew this afternoon.

And was, rather to my surprise, impressed.

Despite the fact that this was made under the Warner Bros. umbrella, what we have here is a spiritual heir to the classic "Disney repertory" tradition of family films.  And if its cast isn't quite as self-assured or its script quite as polished as that of, say, Candleshoe or Bedknobs & Broomsticks, this is nonetheless a remarkable movie, and one that deserves to do well.

Now that I think of it.... )

The bottom line?  While the script treats Nancy's history with a certain degree of playfulness, structurally and thematically the film is loyal to the Nancy Drew tradition.  Cheerfully recommended for all Teen Sleuth Junkiesā„¢. for smart ten-year-olds of both sexes (give or take a couple of years), and for anyone in search of a genuinely family-friendly movie that treats both its viewers and its characters with intelligence and respect.

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