June 10th, 2012

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There should be a new Tale of Darkest Suburbia in the near future (not even animal-related this time!).

Meanwhile, however, an amusing episode this afternoon, at least to me. We attended the final performance of a (very small) local theatre company's production of Amadeus this afternoon -- fairly solid, if not spectacular, with a decidedly nice turn from the actor playing Salieri. I, however, had a minor cognitive-dissonance issue with the show that my parents definitely did not share: the actor playing Mozart bore a noticeable resemblance to Neil Patrick Harris -- and specifically, to NPH in his "Dr. Horrible" incarnation.  Unfortunately, it being the end of the run -- and the theatre company's season -- there doesn't appear to be a good photo online I can show you.  Just trust me on this.

Now in fact, the actor playing Mozart also did credibly in the role, though the portrayal was a little broader than I might have liked (and the costume confused the issue further, being just the right sort of oddly balanced colorfulness to put one in mind of Colin Bake's Sixth Doctor).  So I really can't fault the actor in the circumstances, but I have to wonder what the director and costumer were thinking....

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-- Kris Kringle (to the Winter Warlock)
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