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Reviews are beginning to come in for Spirit of All the Russias, and the response to this point has been decidedly positive.  From Long and Short Reviews:

“The exquisitely detailed passages in this story made me feel as if I were standing next to Baba Yaga as she surveys the ruined land that she once knew so well.”

And from Mary Patterson Thornburg (as posted to Facebook, Amazon, & B&N):

“It’s beautifully written, chilling, enchanting, and funny all at once. Like that little hut on chicken legs, it’s much larger on the inside than it seems to be from without.”

Needless to say, I am a happy author this afternoon….

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The day has arrived!  My newest Uncial Press ebook, Spirit of All the Russias, is live. The title page calls it a "novel byte"; in practical terms, it's a short story published in ebook format.  Which means (among other things) that it has extremely cool cover art (see below).  Currently, you'll find it at Uncial's Web site and over at ebook-retailer Untreed Reads; it should filter out to Amazon, B&N, and a host of other ebook sellers in the next couple of days. 

(ETA2: As of late Friday night, it's on both Amazon and B&N.  That said, one thing to keep in mind about ebooks published by smaller presses: when you buy directly from the publisher's Web site, you're showing extra support for that author and publisher, who then don't have to share revenue with a third-party vendor.)

Spirit of All the Russias (cover art)

 Baba Yaga has long been one of my favorite myth-figures, and I am very happy to see this story out in the world. 
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Today is the day -- over at the Uncial Press birthday party, you can win a free copy of Phantom of the Operetta, just by answering a (not very hard) trivia question.  And even if you don't win the ebook, you might end up winning an Amazon Kindle!  Phantom is just one of the two ebooks I have with Uncial Press; both are part of what we're now calling the "Expatriate Sidhe" series, featuring -- surprise -- expatriate Sidhe and stage actress Juliet McKenna.

As noted last week, there's also a related story up on my Web site.  Here's a quick tease for "Supernatural Timing":

The first of the Halloween afternoon’s ghosts clearly believed in the principle of inciting fear through gratuitous display of gore. A tendril of pale pink steam rose from the jagged remnant of its headless neck, its right arm hung scarcely half-attached from its owner’s shoulder, and the head cradled in its left arm lacked one eye, the opposite ear, and half its nose. Trails of sticky red crisscrossed a badly slashed white tunic and the loose gray breeches below it. The thing moved slowly, though with odd grace considering its assorted handicaps. Silently, it shuffled forward, slightly lifting both its head and its free arm so that its one good eye and three twisted fingers were aimed accusingly at the lone figure seated only a few feet away.

[Read the rest here....]

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In the e-publishing landscape, five years is a fairly long time.  So I'm happy to note that my ebook publisher, Uncial Press, is five years old this month and still going strong, with a sturdy list featuring a wide variety of titles.  To celebrate, they're staging a month-long series of giveaways, with prizes including two ebook readers (a Kobo and a Kindle) as well as a host of Uncial ebooks.

Phantom of the Operetta, one of my two Uncial titles, is one of the daily prizes; to win a free copy, head to the giveaway page a week from tomorrow (Monday, Oct. 17).  In the meantime, I've also just updated my own Web pages to add Supernatural Timing, a short-short Halloween story that features some of the "Phantom" characters (but doesn't spill any of "Phantom's" key plot twists).  It's probably worth noting that both these stories derive in notable part from my enthusiasm for Gilbert & Sullivan....

Happy birthday, Uncial!
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Other folk with far deeper expertise have been weighing in all weekend on the current fracas between Amazon and Macmillan over ebook pricing.  I don't propose to wade into the main discussion here, but there's a side to the matter to which very few of the commentators have been paying attention.  It's this: everyone's been discussing e-book pricing as that pricing connects to corresponding print versions of the same text.  But not all e-books have corresponding print editions.

This has two consequences. )

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Came home tonight to a very cool message on my answering machine:

The cover art for Phantom of the Operetta has won the Dream Realm Award for best ebook cover art of 2008!

I am immensely pleased, of course.  All congratulations, though, should go to Judith Glad, Uncial Press resident editor, who also created the cover.  Here's the artwork itself:

Have You Heard This?

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